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  • Free guestbooks for your web site, blog, group or forum.
  • Allow visitors to leave feedback or comments.
  • Provides a reason for visitors to return to your web site.
  • Many Advance Features
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Guest Book Features

Free Version -
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  • Guestbook Spam Control
  • Enable/Disable Comments section
  • Profanity Filter
  • Messages stamped with Country of Origin, Flag Icon
  • Ask visitors up to four additional questions
  • Ability to mark Additional Questions as required entry.
  • Custom Timezone Settings
  • Give your Guestbooks a unique Name.
  • Option to approve all messages
  • Custom text header
  • Change the color of the background and text.
  • Change the size of your text
  • Automatically send 'Thank You' email to guestbook signers.
  • Receive Notification when someone signs your guestbook
  • Delete individual messages
  • Guestbook messages are signed with visitor IP.
  • Visitor counter with anti-bumping feature.
  • Message counter.
  • Private messages.
  • 10 entries per page with navigation buttons.
  • Anti-Flood control.
  • Download text version of guestbook.
  • Fast Perl/MySQL user database.
  • Hide Visitor E-Mail address.
  • And its FREE - Signup Now

Prime Account Features
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All the Free features PLUS...

  • Remove Advertisments from your guestbook pages.
  • Edit/Delete Visitor Messages
  • Custom HTML headers with images
  • Custom "Thank You" E-Mail message.
  • Select background images.
  • Select colorful Top navigation buttons
  • Colorful Message Dividers
  • HTML comments with images.
  • Turn IP tracking On/Off
  • Turn Private Messages On/Off
  • Turn E-Mail address field On/Off.
  • Turn navigation buttons On/Off.
  • Turn visitor counter On/Off.
  • Turn Spam Trap On/Off.
  • No automatic renewal, No hidden charges
  • $11.95 annual fee. (No obligation to renew)
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