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Happy Rhodes fan Guestbook

Hello, my name is Vickie, a Happy Rhodes fan from Kansas City (formerly Chicago). Welcome to my fan guestbook. It serves a few of my fan web sites: (for downloadable song Samples) (for downloadable Rarities) (live shows, unfinished) (links & Streaming)

are the main ones I maintain (among others), and I have the same Guestbook code on all of them. I can't tell from the Guestbook entries which site you entered the Guestbook from, which is why I ask when you leave a message.

Happy is living her life and is very content. She lives on a peaceful farm in upstate New York with her husband, musician Bob Muller. She has a "day job," one that she likes very much (she hand-builds pro-audio equipment for Dangerous Music, and is able to work at home). Though she hasn't made music for many years that will (we all hope) change at some point here.


Ectotrophia, a compilation from Numero Group, a reissue record label in Chicago. The album, released June 29, 2018, has songs from Happy's first four albums, out of the 11 albums she's released. Ectotrophia's songs date from 1986-1987 and come from the albums Rhodes Vol. I, Rhodes Vol. II, Rearmament and Ecto, often referred to as the "1st4" by some fans.

Also included is the song "When the Rain Came Down" which was an Ecto bonus track when, in 1992 the 1st4, previously only available on hand-made cassettes, were re-released on CD.

Ectotrophia is available on CD and, a first for Happy's music, LP. It can be found on Bandcamp.

The track listing and the albums they came from:

Oh The Drears - Rhodes I
I Cannot Go On - Ecto
Would That I Could - Ecto
Where Do I Go - Rhodes II
For We Believe - Rearmament
When The Rain Came Down - Ecto CD bonus track
If Love Is A Game, I Win - Ecto
I'm Not Awake, I'm Not Asleep - Rhodes I
Baby Don't Go - Rearmament
Come Here - Rhodes II
Don't Want To Hear It - Ecto
If So - Ecto
I'll Let You Go - Rhodes I
Because I Learn - Rearmament
I Am A Legend - Rearmament
Perfect Irony - Rearmament
Many Nights - Rhodes II
To Be E. Mortal - Ecto

As wonderful as the track listing of Ectotrophia is, it shouldn't be perceived as a "Best Of" compilation of songs from Happy's 1st4 albums. Many MANY great songs were left off due to time.

Happy has been performing with Security Project, a Peter Gabriel appreciation band. She sang lead for 11 live shows in 2016, and 19 shows in 2017. 8 more shows were performed in Spring 2018, and 12 in 2022..

"Members of King Crimson, Shriekback and Gabriel�s original band bring these genre-less masterpieces into the 21st Century. Seattleites Trey Gunn and Michael Cozzi join esteemed drummer Jerry Marotta and NY keyboardist David Jameson to harness the core of these songs. Added to the pedigree of these players is the voice of Happy Rhodes. Her 4-octave range is the latest edition to this mesmerizing group."

A few live CDs with Happy on vocals have been released. They can be found at Security Project's Bandcamp page.

If you're a long-time fan, thank you for supporting Happy. If you've just discovered her, you have a lot of good music ahead of you. Enjoy! Please know that as a Happy Rhodes fan since 1988, your words of admiration and love of Happy's music thrill me and have been known to move me to tears. Happy Rhodes fans are so rare and it's wonderful to read the thoughts you leave.

I remind Happy to come here and check the Guestbook entries every now and then, so she will see what you've written. I know that she deeply appreciates your thoughts. Your support and interest in/love of her music means a lot to her, as you see from this:


"I wrote and recorded music for many years, thinking I was only pleasing myself. The fact that so many people have appreciated the music, makes my life incredibly rewarding and full. I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of well-wishes and cannot express to you all how undeserving I feel. Nevertheless, I'm more grateful than you know. You've all made me feel accepted in this world and believe me, it's a cherished state of being.

Love to you all,


ALL OF HAPPY'S ALBUMS, song by song, are on YouTube as Audio-Only tracks. That channel is You can search for a specific song, or you can go to a playlist for a particular album.

After hearing them, please go buy them at

Almost all OF HAPPY'S ALBUMS can also be heard free via streaming audio. Go to

(These things are done with Happy's full permission and blessings)


Happy hasn't released anything herself since 2007's "Find Me" (her 11th and the first since 1998's Many Worlds Are Born Tonight) 

I do delete entries here not concerned with Happy's music or if I feel the entry isn't appropriate. Spammers may as well not even try. I keep a close eye on this Guestbook.

I'm sorry there's a length limit and that some entries have been cut off. I can't seem to change that. If you write something long, highlight and copy it before you send. If it cuts off, leave another message with the rest of it.

Please, if you have something you need me or Happy to get back to you on, leave your email address or send me a reply email when you receive the canned confirmation note (the one that eats apostrophes, sorry about that).

BTW, if you leave your e-mail address, it can only be seen by me, not by everybody.

Here are a few other links in case you didn't see them where you were. There are more links on the page.

There's both a Happy Rhodes fan GROUP and a Happy Rhodes fan PAGE on Facebook. (Btw, Happy herself does not do Social Networking)

There's a fan-run News account on Twitter.

HAPPY VIDEOS (well, live clips, since she's never made any actual videos)

That link above is out of date. There are lots of great links, so I'm not going to delete it, but really, there's SO much more on YouTube now. Just search for Happy and you'll find either

k8fan's channel

xenussister's channel (there are several full-length concerts there now)

happyrhodesalbums's channel

The Ecto Home Page (this is THE place for lyrics. Note, the original Ecto page no longer exists. This is a mirror at my site.)

Thank you again for discovering, listening to, and supporting Happy!


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Message Number: 724 - Mon, Jun 17, 2024 20:31:53
Posted From: united states of america
Name:  Cliff Santos
How did you hear about Happy?:  Spotify Shuffle
How did you hear about this site?:  Google search
Where are you located?:  Bakersfield California

I am currently going through Happy's discography and I am so amazed to find so many passionate fans. She makes incredible music and I cannot stop listening. I think Happy will be my top artist this year.


Message Number: 723 - Fri, Apr 12, 2024 11:35:19
Posted From: united states of america
Name:  Philip Watkins
How did you hear about Happy?:  First heard Happy on World Café back in the 1990s.
How did you hear about this site?:  Search
Where are you located?:  Kansas City, Missouri

First heard “The Keep” broadcast on World Café, and I was smitten. Have collected most all of her releases. Very much enjoying her interpretations of Peter Gabriel’s music with The Security Project.


Message Number: 722 - Fri, Mar 22, 2024 06:29:10
Posted From: united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland
Name:  Ollie
How did you hear about Happy?:  Numero playlist on spotifty
Where are you located?:  London

Hi, I am 23 living in London and came across Happy Rhodes music while trawling through numero playlists a couple of days ago and was immediately struck! I have been listening non stop since. I was quite surprised to never of found her music before- I am a big fan of Kate Bush and other dream pop outfits which feel adjacent to Happy Rhodes. Grateful to be here now and have been spreading her amazing music with friends. Thank you! Ollie


Message Number: 721 - Mon, Mar 18, 2024 14:29:38
Posted From: chile
Name:  DiegoMena
How did you hear about Happy?:  Navegando por internet.
Which Happy Rhodes site did you visit?:
How did you hear about this site?:  buscando informacion acerca de Happy R
Where are you located?:  Chile

Son pocas las palabras para agradecer la música de Happy Rhodes. Su música siempre toco las fibras más profundas de mi corazón y me identifico profundamente con su melodía, contemplación, tristeza, fuerza y regocijo. Deseo con todas las fuerzas que lance un nuevo álbum y tener una nueva visión de su música a lo largo de todos los años que han pasado desde su último lanzamiento. Estoy seguro de que nos sorprendería una vez más. Siempre estaré agradecido de que su música pueda exteriorizar tantas emociones que siento... Gracias Happy eres y serás mucho más que una gran artista... __________________________________________________ "There are few words to thank the music of Happy Rhodes. Her music has always touched the deepest fibers of my heart, and I deeply identify with its melody, contemplation, sadness, strength, and joy. I earnestly hope that she releases a new album and provides a new vision of her music throughout all the years that have passed since her last release. I am sure she would surprise us once again. I will always be grateful that her music can externalize so many emotions that I feel... Thank you, Happy, you are and will be much more than a great artist..."


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Message Number: 717 - Sun, Apr 23, 2023 19:36:44
Posted From: united states of america
Name:  Michael Daugherty
How did you hear about Happy?:  A friend
Which Happy Rhodes site did you visit?:
How did you hear about this site?:  Google
Where are you located?:  Thailand

Hi Vicki and Happy Hope you guys are doing well. I left for Bangkok about 18 years ago from L.A. The last CD I fell in love with before I left was yours. Just incredible talent. Entertainment biz is horrible and Booby trapped. That why I left Hollywood. It's been great ever since. Will you be making any new albums?


Message Number: 716 - Sat, Apr 8, 2023 10:07:07
Posted From: sweden
Name:  Nellie
How did you hear about Happy?:  Her cover of "And Dream of Sheep"!
How did you hear about this site?:  When I googled her name
Where are you located?:  Sweden

Hi Happy! I'm a 21 year old girl from Sweden and I hope you read this! I just want you to know how much your music means to me! I became a fan a bit more than a year ago and your music helps me a lot. It's so beautiful and calming. My favorite song is "Save Our Souls". A new album would be such a wonderful gift. You deserve so many more fans, but the fans you do have are so dedicated and I try to spread the word about you as much as I can! I hope you're doing well!


Message Number: 715 - Fri, Apr 7, 2023 15:17:49
Posted From: united states of america
Name:  Scott Neison
How did you hear about Happy?:  I think I stumbled upon Many Worlds are Born Tonight on Amazon. I was blown away by the reviews.
Where are you located?:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi and I'm writing because thanks to Vickie and her amazing relationship with Happy Rhodes, I'm leaving tomorrow for Kansas City to meet Vickie in person and hear Happy perform, an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm beside myself. It's odd that my first exposure to Happy's music was Many Worlds are Born Tonight... at least that's the way I remember it. I also remember Warpaint as being a very early listen. We have an eight hour drive and we'll be listening to Happy the whole way or until Mark says he needs to listen to something else! LOL Looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing Happy perform live, in person.